Our students may participate in activities and recreation with an emphasis in outdoor adventure to encourage a change of heart for students on their quest for hope and healing. The major components of this curriculum are: activities, ropes course and camping trips.

For students to leave West Ridge Academy empowered with the tools associated with hope and healing, it is essential that they understand the importance of leisure in their lives. Many of our students came to West Ridge Academy because of their inappropriate use of leisure time. While here, students find great power in education and the acquisition of new skills and hobbies that will help them replace old behaviors that may not have been conducive to a happy lifestyle. Our programs consist of a variety of courses taught by staff and volunteers of West Ridge Academy.

It is our goal to use activities to enhance the quality of life of our students, to help students identify their leisure values, attitudes and needs, to help students identify and use the personal, social and community resources available for their leisure, and to improve mental, physical, social and emotional development through broad based leisure experiences.

Ropes Course

The ropes course is one of the greatest tools we have to teach our students the character traits necessary to achieve hope and healing during their enrollment at West Ridge Academy. Each event focuses on one of the following topics: trust, communication, teamwork and problem solving. Throughout this ropes course curriculum, students work individually and as a team on tasks that are proven to encourage these traits while also inspiring courage and self-confidence. The successful completion of these tasks prepares the students for their campouts, which continue to build upon these character traits.

Camping Description

Campouts are designed to provide the students with an opportunity to apply the principles they have learned at West Ridge Academy in a natural setting. These campouts also provide opportunities for our students to obtain school credit in earth science. In addition, this outdoor environment provides an excellent setting to learn about natural and logical consequences, and to begin to understand the dangers of immediate gratification. Students also acquire new skills, gain an appreciation for the outdoors.


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